BedBeg Treatment Preperation

Harborage Areas: Bed bugs travel in suitcases, backpacks, diaper bags, boxes, bedding, mattresses & furniture, clothing, pet cages, electronic devices, and yard sale items. These considerations are common ways bed bugs can infest or re-infest structures.

Bed bugs live off blood & can survive up to twelve (12) months without feeding. Females can produce eight (8) eggs per cycle. Bed Bugs are typically are found within 25 feet of humans, pets, & warm blooded animals because of their food source (blood). They are found in beds, clothing, furniture, wall decor, stuffed animals, cracks, crevices, musical instrument cases, and random hiding places.

Successful elimination of bed bugs fully depends on 100% cooperation between the customer & the exterminator. Bed bugs are extremely stubborn & the results are based largely on a proper preparation.

Customer Preparation Procedures

  • ALL linen, bedding, & clothing near sleeping or infected areas must be washed & dried on high heat (no less than 140°−185°) for at least one-half hour. Clothing should be stored in heavy duty bags or clear plastic containers until all services are completed. The same applies to all items in drawers & closets.
  • Entire premise must be vacuumed before & after. Bag from vacuum must be placed in a trash bag & disposed of immediately. Do not keep in the home or the vaccum.
  • Discard all cardboard boxes, shoe boxes, old magazines, newspapers, plastic & paper bags. Cardboard and paper are excellent nesting areas for bedbugs.
  • ALL food must be covered.
  • Furniture & other objects are to be separated from walls by at least six inches.
  • We can successfully treat most furniture. Mattresses & furniture too infected should be disposed of immediately. New mattresses should remain in sealed plastic until all treatments are completed.
  • Mattress encasements made for bed bugs are strongly recommended.
  • Open the windows after technician is done.
  • Vacate the premises for 3 hours after service is done.
  • Re-vacuum every 2-3 days between services, discarding bags after vacuuming.

Service Technician: Heat & Spray Application

  • Residual chemicals to bedrooms, living room, & napping areas.
  • Spot application (aerosols) for difficult access areas and flushing.
  • Growth inhibitors to regulate breeding.
  • Heat applications for hiding areas and instar targets.
  • Custom techniques and applications per job.
**Non-Compliance May Diminish Results**